Other Related Projects

Related Projects

SOCRADES Project, 2006-2009

Service-Oriented Cross-layer infRAstructure for Distributed smart Embedded devices

SODA Project, 2006-2008

Service-Oriented Device & Delivery Architectures

SIRENA Project, 2003-2005

Service Infrastructure for Real-time Embedded Networked Applications

Colaborating Projects

PLANTCockpit Production Logistics and Sustainability Cockpit

Other Projects

FP7-ICT ADAMS (Action for the dissemination and adoption of the MARTE and related standards for component based middleware)
ITEA AIMES (Advanced Infrastructure for Medical Equipment Management and Services)

FP7-ICT CHAT (Control of heterogeneous automation systems: technologies for scalability, reconfigurability and security)

FP7-ICT CONET (Cooperating Objects Network Of Excellence)

FP7-ICT DISC (Distributed supervisory control of large plants)

ARTEMIS eSONIA (Embedded Service-Oriented Monitoring, Diagnostics and Control: Towards the Asset-Aware and Self-Recovery Factory)

FP7-ICT FEEDNETBACK (Feedback design for wireless networked systems)

FP7-ICT FLEXWARE (Flexible wireless automation in real-time environments)

FP7-ICT GINSENG (Performance control in wireless sensor networks)

FP7-ICT HD-MPC (Hierarchical and distributed model predictive control of large-scale systems)

FP7-ICT KAP (Knowledge, Awareness and Prediction of Man, Machine, Material and Method in Manufacturing)

FP7-ICT NESTER (Networked embedded and control systems technologies for Europe and Russia)

FP7-ICT PLANTCockpit (Production Logistics and Sustainability Cockpit)

ARTEMIS ProcessIT Europe (Automation for Process Industires)

FP7-ICT PRoSE (Promoting standardization for embedded systems)

FP7-ICT WIDE (Decentralized and wireless control of large-scale systems)

FP6-NMP VAN (Virtual Automation Networks)

FP6-IST WASP (Wirelessly Accessible Sensor Populations)

ITEA PROTEUS (Developing a generic software platform for polyvalent remote technical support tool handling informa)

BMBF SAFE (Semipermeable Anzüge Für Einsatzkräfte)

FP6-IST UbiSec&Sens (Ubiquitous Sensing and Security in the European Homeland)